RBdigital is your solution—for greater accessibility, cost savings, and ROI

It’s a digital world. The pressure is on corporate librarians to deliver instant access to unlimited digital content, while saving the company money. Corporate librarians are expected to enhance employee productivity, especially during commute and travel time. 

With RBdigital, you can give your team access to unlimited digital audiobooks without breaking your budget.

RBdigital Unlimited Audiobooks delivers: 

  • Unlimited learning: Immediate, universal access to 2,500+ multi-access titles; hundreds of new audiobooks added annually—at no additional cost.
  • Fixed budget: No matter how many employees check out your audiobooks, your budget never goes up. 
  • Cost savings: Eliminate hardcopies and avoid expenses for outside expertise and sending your team to courses. 
  • Lowest cost-per-circ: With affordable unlimited audiobooks, the more checkouts, the better the value of your corporation! 

There's something for every employee in your corporation in this mega-collection.